A fully Transparent window led solution

Interests rates change constantly, and how would a bank market the latest promotional rates to drive/walk by traffic? New investment products are added every day, and how to effectively notify retail banking customers? 

A fully transparent window digital media, which well blended with a building window, can advertise/educate on new products or publish/compare interest rates in real time. Find out how Emotive Digital can grow your customer base and promote your products.

A Kiosk account manager

Why not leave routine information Q&A to a smart kiosk while allocating bank advisors to more valuable tasks? What if the technology can do a sales pitch without getting on customers' nerve when they only intend to browse information without intention to talk to a representative?

Emotive Digital's digital media solution can be used not only to advertise product/service to a waiting customer line but also to handle routine inquiries in a more engaging and informative way. Call to discuss what Emotive Digital can help you.